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New Site Almost Open

Hey Little Liars,
OMG the new site is almost open! Want a spoiler of what it will look like? Well, we will have the season 2 promo pics, like what we have now, but it will look wayyy better on an actual domain! Our pages: Home, Site/WWW, The Show, The Books, Fun Stuff, Official Links, Gallery, and –A! Yes, an actual gallery! YAY! 🙂


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Hey little liars!

I have my computer back! So be prepared for a LOT more updates today/tomorrow! The premiere was a TOTAL OMG episode! Between Aria giving Ezra a kinda-sorta cold shoulder and Noel Khan returning… ohhhh…. DRAMA!!! The thing that really caught my own attention was the END of the show, where –A was at Emily’s house acting as a interested buyer and looking at EMILY’S pictures and deleteing EMILY’S files! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! So, little liars, here is the official PLL website’s recap of the premiere episode of season two!

We watched, we screamed, we L-O-Led! Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 2 premiere was anything but an uneventful experience. The Liars’ return to Rosewood was marked by romantic predicaments, creepy stalking, and uncomfortable group therapy sessions (ya gotta love those). Are you ready to recap all the OMG moments from “It’s Alive”? Let’s get to it! 

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 201:

  1. While escorting the Liars from the church to the police station, Officer Garrett takes a detour…into a dark alley. Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer immediately freak out and are hesitant about clambering out of the vehicle. Thankfully though, Officer Garrett’s motives don’t seem malicious. He simply requests that they leave out some itty bitty details when they’re questioned at the police station, including that he helped them blackmail Ian and that a Jenna & Toby, Inc. sex tape exists. The Liars don’t want to get Garrett in trouble and agree. However, as he’s backing out of the alley, the camera flashes to Jenna, standing in the dark, looking very pleased. (Seriously, are her parents? She’s blind and under-aged for crying out loud!)
  2. The Liars’ parentals are typically pretty lenient, but when their impressionable teens start making up zombie stories about dead men walking in Rosewood, they decide to intervene. The main parental consensus? These girls are living the vida loca—send them to a shrink, stat. The Liars have no choice but to attend a few sessions. However,  just as they’re getting ready to make nice with the therapist and let her in on all their A drama, Spencer spots a little something on the wall–Ezra Fitz’s Hollis college dipolma. Turns out A knows about the group sessions and doesn’t want any valuable secrets spilling out. Hence, the (terrifying) hint on the wall. (Umm…how utterly mafia boss-ish of A. Every time the Liars think they’re out, A drags them back in!)
  3. Garret and Jenna have a late-night rendezvous (of the non-sexy variety, sadly) and are talking about a mystery person who’s returned to Rosewood.  They don’t seem too thrilled by this news. (We’re guessing they won’t be planning a ”Welcome Home” shindig any time soon.) Luckily, Garrett opens his big mouth long enough (before Jenna shushes him) to utter one take-away clue–Jason. (Alison’s weirdo of a brother who suspected Spencer was the killer? Gee, glad to have an insane DiLaurentis back in town.) As they pull away, the camera pans into a brightly lit window and we spy someone’s slow-moving silhouette behind it. Dun dun dun!
  4. Hold up though–Jason isn’t the only one who’s returned to Rosewood, land of the sketchy. Noel Kahn saunters into Mr. Fitz’s English classroom and offers to help him erase the blackboard (which has a malicious “hangman” game sketched upon it) and sits smack next to Aria. He turns to her and flashes a pretty and predatory smile. “Miss me?” Aria looks horrified! (News flash: Noel scares us. Though he’s certainly easy on the eyes, we suspect it won’t be long before he’s back to his old blackmailing tricks.)
  5. Nearly being murdered by her own brother-in-law has truly done a number on poor Spencer’s mental health. While home alone, she hears an outside branch snapping and immediately goes into Fright Night mode. She races to lock all the doors in her kitchen and grabs a butcher knife so large it’d make Halloween’s serial killer, Michael Myers, do a happy dance. She hears footsteps. She looks up and spots…Toby? She falls into his open arms and cries her heart out. However, it turns out that Spencer is right to be scared because Ian ain’t dead and he verifies his resurrection with one bone-chilling word: “Taylor.” (Unfortunately, this was not followed by a “Lautner.”)

The Big Ta-Da: At the end of the episode, Mr. Mendez, Pam Field’s realtor, is showing someone around Emily’s room. Wait a sec…black gloves, black leather coat? Oh, hell naw! It’s A! (Seriously, does the bitch have nothing better to do than shop for real estate?) When the realtor is clearly out of the way, A deletes the perverted videos on Alison’s flash drive. (Goodbye, “we have hard evidence.”  Hello, “no one will believe you now.

O.M.G. I feel SO bad for Spencer! BUT, at the end, they are in the greenhouse, right? Okay, so right before this supposed “Ian” texts them, Emily ASKS OUT LOUD what the baby’s name is, Spencer says (OUT LOUD) that it is Taylor. Then, they get the text saying it’s Taylor. What if: –A was the one texting to them. –A was in the greenhouse with them. –A HEARD the baby’s name and THEN texted it to them! They should’ve known better! Ugh, now they are soooooooo going to be suspects. Poor, poor, little liars… I guarantee, the next episode they will try showing their parents, police, etc. the texts and they will be gone… GUARANTEE IT! Comment!




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Hey little liars!

Here are the final recaps for episodes 1.21 and 1.22!

The Pretty Little Liars series returns tonight, June 14th, on ABC Family! In preparation for tonight’s big return to Rosewood, we’re revisiting the last two revealing episodes,  ”Monsters in the End” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” Recap all the mind-blowing events that happened on PLL ep.121 and PLL ep.122 below.

“Monsters in the End” OMG Moments:

  1. Caleb and Hanna are still on the outs, but Caleb truly cares for her. He hands Mona a love note and asks her to pass it along to Hanna. Unfortunately, Mona tears that shit up and tells Hanna that Caleb didn’t bother stopping by to say goodbye. Will Hanna find out what Mona did and how will she react?
  2. While helping set up a carnival, Spencer catches Melissa in an alibi predicament. Melissa meets a woman who has her heart on a Hilton Head getaway and Mel tells her the oceanic views are breathtaking. The big uh-oh: The woman’s confused because, according to the Hilton Head brochures she’s been perusing repeatedly, the ocean is on the opposite side of the golf course. This sketchy moment certainly piques Spencer’s suspicions. Were Melissa and Ian ever at Hilton Head or is Melissa lying to provide an alibi for the father of her unborn child?
  3. Ezra is almost caught by a Rosewood cop who drops by his apartment to question him about a student but spies another student (Aria) exiting his place. Luckily, Ezra manages to talk himself out of the sticky situation and avoids a potential arrest. Did the cop buy Ezra’s excuses though?
  4. While waiting in a funhouse for a secret rendezvous with Toby, Spencer is locked in by a mysterious figure dressed in black. She’s freaking out and genuinely terrorized. Conveniently, it’s creepy Ian who sets her free and, right after he does, Toby shows up. Everyone’s suddenly looking mighty suspicious. Was Ian the one to trap her in there in the first place?
  5. Emily finds a key in the vintage snow globe Alison once gave her. She, Aria, and Hanna head to the storage facility listed on the key and unearth a flashdrive. What’s on it? Disturbing footage of their underage selves being filmed in their bedrooms. So, who’s the peeping Tom?

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” OMG Moments:

  1. The flash-drive not only contains videos of the Liars and Alison, but also of Jenna forcing herself on her step-brother Toby (whose bod, btw, is seriously ripped). The Liars pay Jenna a visit and confront her about the incestuous video. She breaks down and reveals that Alison had known about it and had threatened to “bury” Jenna if she ever returned to Rosewood. Is this motive enough to peg Jenna as Alison’s killer?
  2. Apparently, Jenna is in cahoots with Ian and tips him off that the Liars have the controversial flash-drive. Just as we’re trying to make sense of the Ian and Jenna collaboration, we see Jenna meeting privately with another guy–Officer Garrett (the cop the Liars turn to in an attempt to catch Ian red-handed). What is Jenna playing at?
  3. Ezra’s ex, Jackie, shows up at Aria’s house and it dawns on Aria that Ezra lied to her. How so? He applied to work at the same school as his former flame but told Aria that Jackie was far far away from Rosewood. Could trouble in Ezria land mean a love triangle in the making?
  4. Upon picking up Melissa from Reverend Ackard’s church, Spencer and her sis get into a scary car accident and Melissa is rushed to the hospital. While at the hospital, Melissa is distraught and needs to speak to Ian. Unfortunately, she left her cell phone at the church so Spencer goes to retrieve it.  The camera flashes to Melissa’s face for a few seconds. She looks like she’s really focusing on something. Is she just worried about her baby or is she up to no good?
  5. Spencer enters the church and realizes she’s not alone. Ian is also there and when he calls the “blackmailer’s” blocked number, the ringing phone in Spencer’s bag gives her away. In the darkest PLL moment yet, Ian corners Spencer in the church’s bell tower and informs her that he’s going to forge a suicide note for her. Spencer begs for him to spare her, but Ian, looking severely panicked, tells her he’s doing this for the sake of his family. However, before he can kill Spencer, A suddenly appears and shoves Ian off the tower. The last time Ian’s see, he’s swinging from his neck on the bell ropes. Unfortunately though, before the cops can confirm his death, Ian’s body disappears and the Liars are left looking like…well, liars. Is Ian still alive?

After many months of obsessing over all the pretty little clues from the Season 1 finale, we’re finally going to get some answers (hopefully).

So, little liars, what are YOUR fave moments from episodes 1.21 ‘Monsters in the End’ and 1.22 ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’? COMMENT! The PLL season two premiere is TONIGHT at 8/7c on ABC Family! Check your local listings for more info!

SOURCE: PLL Official Website


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Hey little liars!
OMG! Tomorrow is the premiere of PLL season two! Can’t wait! To keep you satisfied, watch ‘Switched at Birth’ tonight on the same channel as PLL! I watched it last Monday and it was pretty good! So, little liars, here is the official PLL website’s recap for… episode 1.20 ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’! Only two more episodes after this to recap! YAY!

The Pretty Little Liars series returns tomorrow night, June 14th, on ABC Family! Until then, recap some of the juicy final moments from Season 1. Remember ep. 120, “Someone to Watch Over Me”? In Rosewood, someone is always watching!

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 120:

  1. When Hanna finds an adorable owl pendant in Caleb’s bag, she naturally assumes Caleb got it for her to celebrate their lovemaking fest. She’s practicing to fake her best surprised face when Caleb hands her the gift, but she’s genuinely shocked when she spies the pendant (a cleverly disguised flashdrive) around Miss Jenna’s delicate neck. Through the whole owl pendant mix-up, she discovers that Caleb’s been helping out Jenna by spying on Hanna!  And we’ve cracked the 2-1-4 code! Turns out that it’s Caleb’s locker number. (He’s really in the doghouse now.)
  2. Aria gets scandalous with her texting. She can’t stop dreaming about Ezra’s smoldering eyes and wants him to know how mesmerizing his peepers are. Hence, she hurriedly sends him all her steamy thoughts. Unfortunately, the text accidentally goes to Ella, who’s delighted to learn that Aria’s not asexual. (Ahh! She totally sexted with her mom.) Ella’s excited and keeps pressing her daughter for all the pretty deets. Aria’s not budging though, because she knows better than to fess up the name of her much-too-old English teacher crush. The bad news though is that her dad, Byron, is way too keen on identifying Aria’s new man and doesn’t give a damn about his teenager’s privacy.
  3. Upon running into Jenna in the bathroom, Hanna takes a cue from Mean Girls and shows her exactly how she feels about her involvement with Caleb…with a hard slap across the face. “It’s Hanna, if you couldn’t tell,” she utters coldly as she scoops Jenna’s sunglasses off the floor. Hold up though–are those actual tears streaming down Jenna’s face? (Honestly, we feel bad for the girl. First, she’s blinded in a freak accident and then she get smacked around. Seriously?)
  4. Paige has a new lover and his name is Sean. Ex-girlfriend Hanna is ecstatic for him, but Em is pretty grumpy about it. Does she actually like Paige? Claro que si! It all works out though, because Sean ends up not being enough woman for the swimmer. After her date with Sean, Paige has a breakdown and runs to Emily for consolation. She’s tired of hiding out in the closet and praises Emily for being out and proud. Emily reveals that it hasn’t always been easy for her either and the two seal their heartwarming confessionals with a sweet kiss.
  5. Spencer is still a person of interest in Alison’s murder investigation and, this time, the Rosewood cops come prepared…with a search warrant. Much to her dismay, they ransack her room (and life).  To make matters worse, Ian’s creepin’ around, trying his best to relate to her. He claims he understands how she’s feeling because he’s been a person of interest too. (Um, how awkward considering Spencer was the girl who cried ‘Ian’ and tried to peg the murder on him).

Big Ta-Da: Whomever is framing Spencer sure knows how to take a pretty little liar down. Guess what the cops conveniently unearth in Spencer’s room? Fibers matching the blood-stained sweater found in Toby’s closet that Alison was wearing the night she died. Oh to the c-r-a-p.

WOW, little liars, there was DRAMA in this episode! So, could you ever forgive Caleb for what he did? What would you do if you were a person of interest in your best friend’s murder? How would you feel if your sorta-girlfriend was trying to ignore her true feelings? And, what would you do if you “sexted” your mom? Plus, would you slap a blind girl if you think she deserved it? COMMENT!

SOURCE: PLL Official Website


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Hey little liars!

Here is our countdown for today, our top 5 characters that weren’t in the books! Read more below!

Top 5 Characters That Weren’t In The Books-

5. Samara

WHY: She totally helped Em through the rough times! Plus, if Paige and Maya don’t work out, Samara will be there!

4. Garrett Reynolds

WHY: Total drama, especially when he and Jenna kissed! We totally needed another unexpected character that the girls thought they could trust!

3. Paige McCullers

WHY: She totally sewed the cut that Maya left with Emily! We love Paige for that!

2. Alex Santiago

WHY: We feel so bad for Spencer, because he was a total hottie! Too bad –A messed up their romance. Ugh, –A is so mean! However, I think we knew that already!

1. Caleb

WHY: Duh! This hottie was MEANT for PLL! Imagine Hanna without him! Oh right, we can’t!

Okay, little liars, who is YOUR fave character that wasn’t in the books? Who was our #1, but then we didn’t think they would count? Melissa and Ian’s baby! Technically, it isn’t a character yet… COMMENT!


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Hey little liars!

Here is today’s Pretty Little Countdown… our top ten fave CREEPIEST moments!

Top 10 Fave Creepiest Moments-

10. –A watches the video of Ian and Alison. –A MUST have known where that video was! Ian, anyone? AND THEN, sends the copy to the girls… and THEN deletes it! Wow, –A… really? Send them evidence and then delete it… she/he gets on EVERYONE’S nerves, huh?

9. Someone writes ‘I see you’ on the back of Ezra’s car window during a steamy moment between Ezra and Aria. Eerie…

8. All of –A’s texts! Yes, all of those texts WERE creepy moments, for sure!

7. Jenna in almost every scene she was in. She seems so… not blind, in a way. It’s as if she can not only hear or sense, but literately see everything around her!

6. –A saves Spencer in the bell tower. So, does that mean that –A is more than one person? Or not Ian at all?

5. The little liars FIND Alison’s bracelet! THEN, they find the real one. What the heck?!?

4. That old lady that works at the bracelet store helps and talks to –A! She helped –A trick Spencer! Why, oh, why?!?

3. –A visits that old women’s grave. You know the one who Hanna’s mom stole money from when she left her key! Yeah, THAT old woman. WEIRD! Plus, the music that was playing was SO creepy.

2. –A leaves a message on Spencer’s mirror AND hides in her closet AND makes a little grave out of dirt. Now, THAT is creepy!

1. –A runs over Hanna, sends a text message saying that she ‘Knew too much’ and THEN apologizing by writing on her cast. W-O-W!

So, little liars, what was YOUR fave yet CREEPY moment in season one of PLL? COMMENT!


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Hey little liars!

Even though these aren’t the BEST moms/dads, we think they deserve some recongition!

Top 5 Best Parents-

5. Spencer’s Mom, Veronica Hastings

WHY: Although she hasn’t been the best mom, she did care for her daughter! We think she should support Spencer as much as she supports Melissa, though!

4. Emily’s Dad, Wayne Fields

WHY: He was so supportive of Emily from the beginning! He didn’t like that she was different, but supported her because she was his DAUGHTER!

3. Aria’s Dad, Byron Montgomery

WHY: Although he did cheat and try to make Aria keep the secret, Aria’s dad always tried to make sure his daughter and son were okay. We think he made a mistake and TOTALLY regretted it!

2. Emily’s Mom, Pam Fields

WHY: Although she did not support Emily, she DID stand up for Em and get a little more comfortable for Emily’s sake! We think that is very tough and supportive of her!

1. Hanna’s Mom, Ashley Marin

WHY: We think that it is very brave of Mrs. M to put her career and more on the line to supply for her daughter! She is an awesome mom to us!

So, little liars, who do YOU think was the best parent? COMMENT!


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