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Hey little liars!

Did you attend the LIVE Cambio chat with PLL hotties Tyler Blackburn (Caleb), Keegan Allen (Toby), and Ian Harding (Ezra) last night? Or were you too busy watching PLL? Well, if you WERE too busy, no worries, we have a video! Watch below!



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Awwww, Mr. Fitz is leaving! Watch the scene below!

Is it just me, or did it seem like he was talking more to Aria and less to the class? In a celebration/saddening (we love Mr. Fitz, but at least he can date Aria!) event, we will now present an interview that we forgot to post with Ian Harding!



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Hey little liars!

WetPaint has a new article up about 15 things you didn’t know about Ian Harding! Read below!

Everyone has secrets, even Ian Harding (Ezra). Luckily, Ian’s aren’t as dramatic as Ezra’s — for example, having an unknown ex-girlfriend he almost married — but there’s a lot about Ian that might surprise you. Read on to learn 15 things about him, from his celebrity crush to his alternate career choice.

15. Ian has an eclectic taste in music and listens to everything from Lil Wayne to Taylor Swift. You can snag his mixtape here.

14. He was born in Germany, but moved to Virginia shortly thereafter.

13. Ian appeared in Hollywood is Like High School with Money, a web series from the producers of PLL. He plays a dorky but adorable mailroom employee.

12. Luckily Ian decided to become an actor, but if he had to pick another profession, he’d do something in psychology. Very noble, but we hate to imagine PLL without him!

11. He and Lucy Hale (Aria) are really close and confide in each other about their love lives. Aww, he trusts her with his secrets!

10. Believe it or not, Ian is afraid of the ocean. He had a few scary situations out there and now prefers to stay on the sand.

9. Ian flirted his way into the PLL audition and impressed the casting agents with his talent and charm. Who wouldn’t be enamored by him?

8.  His first acting gig was as a prepster in the movie Adventureland. It was a small role, but you gotta start somewhere.

7. Ian has a huge crush on Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, who happens to be a big fan of PLL!

6. He attended Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama, as did other PLL stars including Sean (Chuck Hittinger) and Jackie (Paloma Guzman).

5. Ian looks up to Ray Fiennes since he’s a talented actor, but removes himself from the spotlight.

4. He is ambidextrous, which can certainly come in hand. (See what we did there?)

3. Ian and Keegan Allen (Toby) are close pals and even go on double dates together. What we would do to tag along!

2. He was the class speaker at his high school graduation. The modest star doesn’t understand why he was chosen, but his peers obviously knew he’d go on to succeed.

1. We’re not sure why anyone would wish this upon themselves, but Ian hopes he’s “A!” He thinks it would be a cool twist, and we can’t help but agree.

Did YOU know Ian was a Taylor Swift fan? I certainly didn’t! COMMENT!



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