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Awwww, Mr. Fitz is leaving! Watch the scene below!

Is it just me, or did it seem like he was talking more to Aria and less to the class? In a celebration/saddening (we love Mr. Fitz, but at least he can date Aria!) event, we will now present an interview that we forgot to post with Ian Harding!



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So, little liars, the second episode of the second season is on TONIGHT! What do YOU think is going to happen? Here is our top five things we want to figure out by looking at the previews!

1. Who attacks Aria?!? –A? Someone ELSE?

2. What is the ‘Jason Thing’? No, not the Jenna thing, the JASON thing… hmmm……. did he and Jenna have a fling?

3. Mona and… Noel?!? We need more to this weird relationship! Like how they heck did they ever go out?!?

4. Are Ezra and Aria getting back together? Are Hanna and Caleb? At least Spencer has a solid relationship…. or so we think…

5. Is Melissa really texting Ian? Or was it just –A messing with the girls? They shouldn’t have said the baby’s name out loud… 😦

There are SO many more questions, but, we will have to wait until 8/7c on ABC Family! Check your local listings for more info! I hope you are lucky enough to get it at 5 PM even though you are on the west coast, like me! I LOVE HD TELEVISION!!! 🙂

COMMENT on what YOU think will happen! 🙂


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Hey little liars!

Here are 3 new scene/clips from the next episode of PLL!

Spencer and Melissa are actually getting along-

Toby and Spencer talk-

Hanna and her mom talk Hanna’s dad coming to Rosewood-

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