Hey little liars!

I haven’t gotten it, but others have! Here is a sneak preview of the new PLL episode, 2.3 ‘My Name Is Trouble’! 🙂

Link: http://m.mogreet.com/dl/18oarexp

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Hey little liars!

Here are 5 NEW previews for the next episode of PLL, 2.3 ‘My Name Is Trouble’!

So, little liars, did YOU watch last night’s newest episode, 2.2 ‘The Goodbye Look’? We are going to post a poll in a few minutes! COMMENT!


The newest episode is on NOW east-coasters/west-coasters with HD channels!!!! 😉

Hey little liars!

Polling time! This time, it is to see how many little liars read Sara Shepard’s other popular series, ‘The Lying Game’! It is truly awesome and I read it in two nights! They are making it an ABC family series, like PLL! VOTE BELOW AND COMMENT!!!!

BTW, ‘A’ of the weeks are no more! 😦 Sorry!

OMG! I just got a text from ‘A’!

Ready 4 a breakup in Rosewood? You better be. Hearts R broken 2nite.


Not Ezria PLEASE note Ezria… or Spoby…. Hanna and Caleb are already broken up….. maybe they mean one of the girls’ parents… I hope they do!


NOTE TO PLL WRITERS: we will be VERY upset if you break-up Ezria or Spoby. If you do, get ready for a lottttttttttt of comments…. just saying… LOL! Just kidding! We love whatever you write! But still…. please keep them together….

Hey little liars!

Here is an interview from Teen.com with Lucy Hale and her co-star from her new movie ‘A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song’!

So, little liars, are YOU going to go buy her new direct-to-video movie when it is out in Fall 2011? COMMENT!


OMG! If you are a super-mega-absolute-PLL-super-fan, then you may just figure out on your own who ‘A’ is! More deets from WetPaint below!

Even though we’re no closer to figuring out who the mysterious “A” is, it looks like the mystery might reveal itself later this season — but only if you’re a Pretty Little Liars super fan. In a recent interview with After Ellen, PLL’s show runner, Marlene King, says that us fan girls and boys might find out who “A” is after all: “This season the girls are going to come very close to finding out who “A” is. And I think people who are really paying attention might finally have a chance to come close to guessing who it is.”

Well, Wetpainters, we’re paying attention — you can count on us to try and solve this mystery by the end of the season!

Marlene also chatted about “A”’s newest target — PLL’s resident heartbreaker Emily Fields: “‘A’ is really going to set Emily up. It looks like the family is moving to Texas and Emily is going to have to deliver a very big lie to her parents if she wants to stay in Rosewood. And that lie is really going to leave her vulnerable to ‘A’’s horrible doings.”

Watch your back, Emily!

OMG, mega-little liars! On our new URL, we are going to have an ‘A’ page, and I want people to COMMENT on who they think ‘A’ is and why! SO COMMENT ON THAT PAGE! 🙂

Source: WetPaint


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